Updated Ancient Warfare Mod (for Minecraft 1.5.2+)

The mod is currently in open beta status.

Most current public releases:

NEI Plugin:



Please check out the Getting Started guide for a basic walk-through of your first steps with Ancient Warfare.


Attention artists:

ShadowMage is currently looking for help with some of the Unit Texturing. While default textures exist for everything, some are "meh" according to ShadowMage and submissions of new designs would be appreciated. For a list of designs that could use new textures, contact ShadowMage on the MC forums @ Shadowmage4513

Gaining editing privileges:

In order to discourage vandalism, this wiki requires you not only register, but have your editing privileges manually assigned. To gain editing privileges, simply send a message to Shadowmage asking for it. While inconvenient, this ensures all information on the wiki is accurate. To message ShadowMage, send a wikispaces message to shadowmage45 or message him on the MC Forums

@ Shadowmage4513 (include your registered user name).

Once editing privileges have been granted:

Every page you add means time ShadowMage doesn't have to waste on maintaining the wiki and can allocate to other things (maybe even updating the mod).
Help is desperately needed in the following categories:
* New NPC pages for each civilian class
  • Wiki update / rewrite
* Example images
Help is greatly appreciated in the following categories:
  • Translations (ShadowMage has moved over to a system that can accommodate traditional language-files to add new localization)

To view the wiki for the old mod, please navigate to: